Munden Interactive is the first and only NREMT (National Registry Test) simulator!
Munden Interactive works by determining your level of competence and understanding of material set fourth by the National Registry. Students that use Munden Interactive are given questions with various levels of difficulty throughout the duration of the exam.

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All advanced level psychomotor examinations are standardized examinations administered in a variety of setting across the United States. Many are coordinated by state EMS offices and others are coordinated by educational institutions under authority of the state.

You should begin searching for an examination site by contacting your instructor. They should be able to guide you to either the NREMT website or the state EMS office. Arrangements for the exam should be made with the designated Examination Coordinator at a scheduled advanced level psychomotor examination site.

A current listing of open scheduled examination sites can be found on the NREMT website. If you live in a state that offers the examination as part of their licensure process the state may chose to close the examination to residents of other states. If you look on the NREMT website and no examinations are open in your state, call the state EMS office and ask them when and where you can take the next psychomotor examination. At times states may only accept psychomotor examinations administered in their states.

Skill Sheets

Bleeding Control/Shock Management

Cardiac Arrest Management/AED

Dynamic Cardiology

Intravenous Therapy -- Intravenous Bolus Medications

Joint Immobilization

Long Bone Immobilization

Oral Station

Patient Assessment - Medical

Patient Assessment - Trauma

Pediatric Intraosseous Infusion

Pediatric Respiratory Compromise

Pediatric (<2yrs.) Ventilatory Management

Spinal Immobilization (Seated Patient)

Spinal Immobilization (Supine Patient)

Static Cardiology

Supraglottic Airway Device

Ventilatory Management - Adult   

Reference NREMT.org