Munden Interactive is the first and only NREMT (National Registry Test) simulator!
Munden Interactive works by determining your level of competence and understanding of material set fourth by the National Registry. Students that use Munden Interactive are given questions with various levels of difficulty throughout the duration of the exam.

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    Phelan, Ca 92371.
  • Freephone: (760) 575-4344
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  Munden interactive
Munden interactive can help you create, purchase, and or provide exams for your class.
What can munden interactive do?
Create free quizzes.
Purchase the latest EMT, Paramedic, and Firefighter exams and more..

Issue quizzes online

Track the progress of students

Add or remove students from your class

Track your weakest teaching points and improve exam scores

Students statistics
Edit test questions on the fly
Create flashcards
Import flashcards
Import exams
Print exams
Select specific exams
Select specific questions by quantity

Track questions you missed previously
Retake test questions you have missed
Track your areas of weakness

And much more…