Munden Interactive is the first and only NREMT (National Registry Test) simulator!
Munden Interactive works by determining your level of competence and understanding of material set fourth by the National Registry. Students that use Munden Interactive are given questions with various levels of difficulty throughout the duration of the exam.

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Our Services

Computer Based Testing

Online computer based testing that mimics the National registry exam. Forrest Munden has created the FIRST and only testing system to replicates how the NREMT exam works.

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Continuous Education

Munden Interactive is currently adding Continuous Education for EMS personal, with NO monthly fees! No annual fees! and NO minimum purchases! for CEs! A true first in EMS!.

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Student Tracking

Our testing system not only tracts correct and incorrect answers, but it lets you know your SPECIFIC areas of weakness. No other online testing system does this!.

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Interactive Medicine

The new leader in online training for students, teachers, and government EMS programs.

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